Technical Specifications

Model HH series HE series
Voltage 230-240V
Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 150W
Speed 43rpm 80rpm
Bowl size 500ml 300mml
Cord Length 1.4m
Motor Single-Phase Induction (A/C)
Fuse 250V 5A
Weight 6.2kgs
Outward Dimensions Width 249mm 158mm
Depth 171mm 233mm
Height 398mm 404mm
Rated Usage Less than 30 minutes
Warranty 10 years motor, 1 years part
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

The second generation Slow squeezing Technology(SST ™)

Hurom is known for their innovations in Slow Speed juicing and now the second generation has arrived. Preserving even more of the natural fresh taste and rich nutrition. The second generation achieves this by using a new auger design and a new motor that is only rotating at 50% the speed of the original motor system.



A new drum with lever




The new Pulp control lever and juice cap making it possible customize your juices and smoothies for just the right amount of fiber for your taste.

The new drum design makes it easier to clean and less residue will stay behind after Juicing.




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